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Smart Physiotherapy Instrument Heating Press Knee Massager

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Knee massager control introduction ●LED light touch screen, clearly visible and easy to operate ●Ergonomic design, completely wrapped to fit the knee joint ●Vibration massage, automatically identify and shut down within 2 minutes after starting ●Built-in 3 infrared laser lights, carbon fiber hot compress ●Each time the button is touched, the buzzer will prompt the function. ●10 minutes timed automatic massage ●Low grade heating 40 degrees, high grade heating 45 degrees specification: Rated voltage: 3.7V Automatic time: 10 minutes. Vibration equipment: 3 files Heating temperature: low temperature 40℃, medium temperature 42℃, high temperature 45℃; Input voltage: DC5V-2A Infrared wavelength: 615~650nm Net weight: 1000g Product size: 276 * 162 * 205mm Battery capacity: 3000mAh Accessories list: 1 host, 1 USB cable, 1 manual Smart knee massager: (with or without box, you can choose) 1X knee massager 1XUSB cable 1X instruction manual 1. Insert the USB connector into the adapter Application areas: 1. Rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis. 2. Joint pain, knee pain, shoulder pain. 3. Ankle pain, elbow pain, wrist pain. 4. Knee discomfort, knee hyperplasia. 5. Joint inflammation, sports injury, sports sprain.

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